Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Depreciation

What information will I need to provide when ordering my tax depreciation schedule?
Can't my accountant estimate construction costs for tax depreciation purposes?
How much can I expect to pay for a tax depreciation report?
How do I select a quantity surveyor?
What should I look for in a tax depreciation report?
Won't any quantity surveyor be able to provide a report with all the features listed above?
Why is it important to have a quantity surveyor inspect the property? Wouldn't it be cheaper for me to do a self assessment?
What information will I need to provide my quantity surveyor?
My property has tenants living in it, will this be a problem?
How long does the whole process usually take?
My property has been subject to pre and post-purchase renovations. Will this be factored into the inspection and preparation of the report?
I lived in the property for a number of years before renting it out, will there be any tax depreciation left?
What happens once the report is complete?
When I do work on my investment property ie. refurbishment, renovations - when is it repairs and maintenance and when does it need to be depreciated?
Under what circumstances would I need to have a tax depreciation schedule re-done?
How does having a tax depreciation schedule affect CGT? And is it still worthwhile?




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