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Tax Depreciation Schedules for Residential and Commercial Properties in Canberra

Capital Claims is home to a team that has supported countless investors with depreciation schedules in Canberra and across Australia. Founded in 2008, we have completed thousands of tax depreciation schedules on all kinds of residential and commercial properties in Canberra – providing our customers with ATO compliant tax depreciation schedules they can rely on to save thousands of dollars in tax over the life of their investment. 

As one of Canberra’s leading quantity surveying companies, specialising in property depreciation, we work closely with local accountants, developers and other property professionals to deliver for their clients professional, accurate depreciation forecasting. To find out more – all you’ve got to do is reach out!

Quantity surveyors specialising in depreciation schedules – Canberra

Maximise your deductions – our expert team know how to maximise the capital allowance and depreciation deductions available for every property – residential or commercial, old or new.

Free desktop feasibility assessment – to ensure that your investment is a good fit for our services, we’ll do a free desktop feasibility assessment before getting to work. If the numbers just don’t stack up in your favour we’ll advise you straight up.

For an in-depth look at tax depreciation schedules, you can look at our page ‘What is Tax Depreciation?’ And to get a free, personalised estimate of the deductions you could be claiming enter your details here or contact our friendly team on 1300 922 220 today.

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Depreciation schedules for commercial property and assets in Canberra

Whether you own or lease a commercial building, you will want to ensure that you’re not paying any more tax than you have to come tax time. A tax depreciation schedule ensures that you have what you need on hand to make the most of any tax deductions for the capital allowance and depreciation of your building, its fittings and plant and equipment assets.

Depreciation schedule Canberra/Quantity Surveyor Canberra - depreciation schedule canberra
Depreciation schedule Canberra/Quantity Surveyor Canberra - depreciation schedule canberra

Tax depreciation schedules for cash smart residential property investors in Canberra

A tax depreciation schedule can be completed on any investment property – and that tax depreciation schedule can be used to maximise the tax deductions you have available to you. Get in touch to find out more!

Residential Depreciation

An efficient, accurate assessment of maximum available tax deductions.  If we can’t save you money, there’s no fee!

Commercial Depreciation

Our 40+ experience ensure the most comprehensive, accurate analysis of claimable depreciation.

Hotel Depreciation

Our expert Quantity Surveyors will free up your cash flow and maximise your tax claim.

How it works

3 Easy Steps, Save Thousands!

Step 1

Order your depreciation schedule

Complete our simple form, or provide some details over the phone and we can make a start on your depreciation schedule today!

Step 2

We'll analyse your claimable costs, and deliver a report

We’ll arrange inspection if required, property searches, estimate construction costs, assign asset values, and provide a report within 10 days.

Step 3

Your submit your tax, and claim your deductions

Simply take your report along to your accountant, or have us deliver it directly, and start improving your cash flow straight away!

Get a Free Quote for a Depreciation Schedule.

We’ll include an estimate of your potential deductions, and if we can’t guarantee a strong result, we’ll let you know up front and there will be no cost to you.