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Division 43 capital works depreciation
Commercial Property Depreciation
What is Division 43 or Capital Works?

Capital Works are building and engineering works that create an asset, including the construction and installation of facilities and fixtures that are a part of

Buying a pub
Hotel Depreciation
Hotel Depreciation

Many hotel owners are missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in cash flow each year by using old, incomplete or poor quality depreciation

Maximising Tax Deductions for Hospitality Assets-1
Depreciation Schedules
Maximising Tax Deductions for Hospitality Assets

Maximise the value of plant and equipment when purchasing  In most cases (unless your specialist accountant advises otherwise) you will want to ensure the value

Repairs Maintenance and Capital Improvements-1
Depreciation Schedules
Repairs, Maintenance vs Capital Improvements

Investors often confuse repairs, maintenance and capital improvements. They are all legitimate tax deductions, but repairs and maintenance are treated differently to capital improvements when recording