4 Bedroom Brand New House

A Case Study of savings from our expertly prepared Depreciation Schedule.

The facts, and figures

Yuki purchased this brand-new four-bedroom house for $660,000 in April 2020.

Yuki is receiving $600 per week with a total rental income of $31,200 per annum.

Without a tax depreciation schedule, Yuki’s tax deductible expenses for the 2021 financial year for the property totalled $42,852.

Yuki’s tax bracket is 37%.

When the tax depreciation schedule was included, the first full financial year calculations gave Yuki an additional $4,589.23. Weekly equivalent cash flow back to Yuki is $88.25.

The outcome

After speaking with her Accountant about the importance of a depreciation schedule, Yuki contacted Capital Claims Tax Depreciation.  This schedule outlined that Yuki was entitled to a depreciation deduction of $13,421 in the first full financial year and $52,034 over the first five financial years of owning her property. Over the life of the report, and presuming she held the property as a rental, Yuki was entitled to claim $284,553 in deductions for depreciation.

Project Data

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brand-new four-bedroom house

Purchase Price:


Year Purchased:


First Year Claim:


Claimed over 5yrs:


Claimed in total:


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