Alex Konjarski

Alex is one of our most experienced and knowledgeable staff member. He has over 15 years’ experience in the tax depreciation industry and began his career many years ago as an inspector for one of the countries larges Tax Depreciation Firms.

Over the years, Alex has honed his skills brilliantly and developed a deep understanding of Depreciation and Tax Legislation. This knowledge, combined with Alex’s extensive experience, has given him the expertise to advise on all aspects of technical tax depreciation situations. Part of Alex’s role is to get out there and explain this often complex area and with Alex’s friendly personality, he has increased knowledge and made great connections along the way. He has well and truly earned the nickname “The Depreciator”, frequently used amongst our team and even by some of our partners and client’s.

When Alex isn’t crunching numbers on his Capital Claims computer, he is a great husband and father to three gorgeous girls. Alex loves to have a beer while watching a local soccer game – often of “The Suns” – a team that he and his mates actually started in their younger years.

“I like that my job environment is very relaxed, casual and hard working. Mark and Leah are good people. My work colleagues are all fun and great to work with and I like that our clients and partners are also great. With the partners I work with, I have developed more of a personal relationship with them not just a work relationship.”