Autumn Quarterly Enews 2020-3

Who can you confidently recommend for a depreciation schedule?

Of course we would say “recommend Capital Claims for the best depreciation schedules!”  But we’re not the only ones who are recognising all the work we have put in to ensuring we deliver excellent results and exceptional service.  Our customers agree!


And so that you can feel as confident as we do, we’re sharing with you our actual survey results, straight from Survey Monkey, completed by over 300 customers. 

We have been offering surveys to every one of our clients since 2017, as a part of our net promoter tracking, and we value all the feedback we have received from over 300 participants!

This feedback and scoring is an integral part of maintaining and improving all of our services at Capital Claims Tax Depreciation so that you can feel confident that the service and results we deliver for your clients are the best possible.

We wanted to share a snapshot of our results for you here! For even more details – check out our survey monkey page here.






Landlords can receive a personalised estimate of deductions or learn more about investment property depreciation with our 6 Facts Every Property Investor Should Know eBook!  You can also contact our team with any questions on 1300 922 220.

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