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What is a Quantity Surveyors Report (QS Report)?

A Quantity Surveyors Report (for depreciation purposes) is used by investors to claim maximum tax deductions for the depreciation of their investment property.

Within the property industry, a quantity surveyors report is also known as:

  • Capital Allowance and Tax Depreciation Schedule; or
  • Depreciation Schedule/Report.

Prepared by a quantity surveyor, the report clearly details the annual deductions available to an investor for the depreciation of their investment property.

Looking to purchase a Quantity Surveyor Report?

If you are looking to purchase a Quantity Surveyors Report for your investment property, below is a useful checklist you can use to help ensure your report will be ATO compliant and maximise the deductions available to you.

Checklist for buying a Quantity Surveyor Report

  • Ensure your Quantity Surveyor is a registered Tax Agent – registered with the Taxation Practitioner Board of Australia;
  • Use a specialist provider – calculating and reporting Capital Allowances and Tax Depreciation is not a core business for many Quantity Surveyors. A specialist will be up-to-date with the most relevant legislation and have the most experience in interpreting legislation and tax rulings to maximise the claims for your particular scenario;
  • Ensure your report includes the following:
  • Deductions reported and forecasted for the full effective life of the property (40 years);
  • Both Division 43 and Division 40 assets inspected, assessed and reported;
  • Deductions calculated and reported using both Diminishing Value and Prime-Cost methods – so you can apply the most appropriate method to your scenario;
  • Calculations and reporting for scrapping/disposal of assets;
  • Pooling of low-cost and low-value assets each year;
  • Request a sample report and ensure your report is easy to read and understand – or your accountant may have to re-work the results at your cost!

A Capital Claims Tax Depreciation Report meets all of the above, plus, we offer a free desk-top feasibility assessment of your property first, so you can have a professional and reliable assessment performed up-front to ensure that our report will be worthwhile and valuable to you.

If you would like to receive an obligation free quote, complete our online Get a Free Quote form. We will also include an estimate of the available residential depreciation deductions you are entitled to claim in the first full financial year.


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