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Capital Claims Tax Depreciation are professional quantity surveyors and have been servicing property investors in Newcastle and surrounding areas since 2008.  We have completed thousands of depreciation schedules for both residential and commercial property owners.

We work closely with local accountants, developers and property professionals to deliver for their clients professional, accurate and aggressive depreciation forecasting.  The expertise and attention of our team ensure the maximum deductions are reporting for every property and returns to investors are maximised. 

Our service is backed by completing a free feasibility, if the numbers don’t stack we won’t charge for a report.

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What is Tax Depreciation and how does it work for investors ?

Depreciation is one of the largest tax deductions available to owners of investment property.  

Our clients average $6,000 to $12,000 in deductions in the first year alone, and tens of thousands of dollars over following years.

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Not sure if a Depreciation Schedule is worthwhile for your investment property?

We understand that sometimes investors are unsure if a depreciation schedule is worthwhile for their investment property.  Investors may have been told their property is too old and may not know about previous works to the property.  We can use basic information from you, as well as online property data to provide a reliable estimate of deductions for your property.  Click below, or call us today!

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Ask Newcastle Locals

On each occasion you have displayed extensive knowledge in the products that your company offers and your approach has always been personalised to each client enabling them to understand the information given to them. We highly recommend your services to our clients with confidence knowing that they will receive an unbelievable customer service experience each and every time they require your services.

Dayle Everleigh – Creer Real Estate, Charlestown

Here at Sidcor; we have had the pleasure of developing a great working relationship with Mark and the team at Capital Claims, they believe in providing a premium service that benefits both ourselves and our clients. Their knowledge and applied experience has assisted many of our clients improve their after tax position. As a partner in business, Capital Claims adds an extra dimension to our professional services and as such we can confidently recommend their services to professionals and property investors alike.

Paul Siderovski – Accountant, Newcastle

Hi Nadine, Thank you for your excellent service!  We will recommend your services to friends and family. Kind Regards.

Jason C – Investor, Jesmond

Our superior service keeps the process simple for you

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We need some basic information to get started, such as your property address and contact details to arrange access.  Complete our simple form, or provide some details over the phone and we can make a start on your depreciation schedule today!

We do the work

Our expert team will arrange inspection, conduct relevant property searches, estimate construction costs, assign asset values and effective lives, forecast claims over 40 years and deliver your report in a user-friendly format within 10 days of inspection (providing we have all relevant details from you).

Claim your deductions

Simply take your report along to your accountant, or have us deliver it directly, and start improving your cash flow straight away!  


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