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Moving Spotlight – Maria Edwards

Welcome to our monthly rockstar Q&A style blog “Moving Spotlight”.  Each month the spotlight moves to another rockstar industry professional.   In the spotlight this month is, drum roll please………  

Name: Maria Edwards

Business: Peter Blackshaw

Position: Rental Business Development Manager & Sales Agent

Location: Curtin ACT

Tell Us About Your Business 
1. Tell us about your role and responsibilities?

My role as business development manager is to grow our property management portfolio through signing new business and developing customer  strategies to retain existing clients for life. I  conduct appraisals, educate owners on ways to maximise their returns and train & mentor property management staff.  I also list and sell properties on a smaller scale.

2.  What is the best thing about working at Peter Blackshaw?

I’ve been part of the company for over ten years now and have had the pleasure of watching it grow steadily, which has allowed us to employ more staff, move into bigger premises and embrace new technologies. The bar keeps being set higher for property management services as customer expectations grow, so to work for a company that actively seeks to continually to set the standards for others to follow is very motivating and rewarding.

Tell Us About You
1. What do you feel is the most important thing you have learned in business to date?

To build on your team members strengths in areas of work you don’t enjoy or aren’t the best use of your time. I used to be a person who “did it all” assuming I was the best person for every job, but I’ve learned to delegate and as basic as that sounds, it has actually given me less to worry about, not more.

2.  What does your typical day look like?

My days vary enormously but usually involves at least two rental property appraisals, one or two listing presentations, ad writing, photographing new properties for lease, a networking activity (coffee, lunch or charity work), and training/mentoring the property management team. I’ve also recently started in sales as well, just to ensure I have absolutely no free time.

Tell Us about Capital Claims
1. Why do you recommend Capital Claims Tax Depreciation to your clients?

I prefer Capital Claims because I appreciate having a local contact that knows our city – Canberra has a thriving investment property market but is often overlooked by the larger companies. I love their personal approach and they are always very quick to get back to me.

2. Who did you refer to prior to Capital Claims Tax Depreciation and why did you make the change?

BMT – I have met the local rep exactly zero times in 10 years of working for this Agency.

3. How long have you been working with Capital Claims Tax Depreciation and would you recommend our services to other professionals?

Over 2 years and I already recommend them to anyone I come across.

Conrad Turnbull from Flag Property  Investment Services question to you:
1. Do you have any blocks I can split/subdivide?

There are numerous blocks of land in Canberra that have recently been approved for sub-divisions due to the Gov’t trying to sell cleared ex “Mr Fluffy” Homes – give me a call if you would like an idea of which suburbs would provide the best returns.

What’s your question to “Linda Holmes” from PLH Accountants who is the next rockstar in the Moving Spotlight?

Are the new depreciation laws affecting your clients desire to purchase investment properties?

If you would like to get in contact with Maria here’s how:

P  (02) 6175 7409

Get a Free Quote for a Depreciation Schedule.

We’ll include an estimate of your potential deductions, and if we can’t guarantee a strong result, we’ll let you know up front and there will be no cost to you.

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