Conrad Turnbull Moving Spotlight

Moving Spotlight – Conrad Turnbull

Welcome to our monthly rockstar Q&A style blog “Moving Spotlight”.  Each month the spotlight moves to another rockstar industry professional.   In the spotlight this month is, drum roll please………  

Name: Conrad Turnbull

Business: Flag Property Investment Services

Position: Property Development Investment Advisor, Accredited Property Investment Advisor

Location: Toronto NSW

Tell Us About Your Business 
1. What do you feel sets your business apart from your competitors?

I have many qualifications all of which relate to property investing advice and small-scale development advice. Those convocations are lawyer, mortgage broker, financial advisor, and accredited property investment advisor, and property development investment advisor.

2. In the past few months have you had to change something in your business model? Did it have a positive or negative impact?

Yes. It has had a positive impact but during the period of change business was very subdued.

3. Share a great client success story?

19.7% capital increase in 12 months.

Tell Us About You
1. What is one thing about you most people don’t know?

I ride mountain bikes.

2.  What do you feel is the most important thing you have learned in business to date? 

There are only a few truly expert broad thinkers in business and professions.

3.  What does your typical day look like?

Reviewing tasks to be completed and doing them. Interaction with both clients and suppliers. Undertaking research and feasibility studies.

Tell Us about Capital Claims
1. Why do you recommend Capital Claims Tax Depreciation to your clients?

Accurate advice at a reasonable price.

2. Who did you refer to prior to Capital Claims Tax Depreciation and why did you make the change?

Another business which is well-known and I made the change after being requested by an accountant who suggested I refer my work to capital claims.

3. How long have you been working with Capital Claims Tax Depreciation and would you recommend our services to other professionals?

Three years, yes.

Catherine Smith from Wholistic Financial Solutions question to you:
1. Where do you recommend clients invest in at the moment?

Property, at the bottom near the bottom of the market most likely but it all depends on the clients goals..

What’s your question to “Maria Edwards” from Peter Blackshaw Real Estate who is the next rockstar in the Moving Spotlight?

Do you have any blocks I can split/subdivide?

If you would like to get in contact with Conrad here’s how:

P  (02) 4950 5877

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