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Moving Spotlight – Catherine Smith

Welcome to our monthly rockstar Q&A style blog “Moving Spotlight”.  Each month the spotlight moves to another rockstar industry professional.   In the spotlight this month is, drum roll please………  

Name: Catherine Smith

Business: Wholistic Financial Solutions

Position: Managing Director

Location: Dickson ACT

Tell Us About Your Business 
1. Tell us about your role and your responsibilities?

I am the Managing Director of Wholistic Financial Solutions. I oversee all of the Divisions. I am responsible for carrying the majority of the responsibilities of the business. I am the technical adviser across all Divisions, the key client manager, the complaints officer, the HR manager, the budget manager, the marketing manager, the key decision maker and all that comes with running a large team across a diversified business model.

2. How do you measure and celebrate successes?

We have been recognised as finalists in around 10 awards – SMSF & Acccounting awards, Mortgage Broking awards, Property Business awards, Telstra awards, Optus awards and more. I take the team to the awards nights and we celebrate our diversified business and success.

3. Where do you see Wholistic Financial Solutions in five years time?

I plan to open in several other locations like Brisbane, Melbourne and regional Australia.

Tell Us About You
1. Name three things on your bucket list and why?

1. Being here for my children as they grow. I want to be there for their weddings, their graduations, them bringing children into the world and raising them. I want to see them instill the same family values I have instilled in them in the next generation.

2. I want to retire and buy a motor home and travel and relax and enjoy the fruits of all the years of hard work that will allow me to do so.

3. I want to to travel to most other countries in the world to experience their culture and way of living.

 2.  If someone wanted to be you for a day, what’s the one thing they need to know?

They would need to be able to multitask and do up to 100 different things every day. They would need to know how to deal with the unexpected, think on the run and make instant decisions on key issues all day long.

Tell Us about Capital Claims
1. Why do you recommend Capital Claims Tax Depreciation to your clients?

For the guarantee that they will make more back on depreciation in the first year or the report is free.

2. Who did you refer to prior to Capital Claims Tax Depreciation and why did you make the change?

I can’t recall as its been so long.

Jason Robinson from RBK Advisory question to you:
1. What is the biggest investment mistake you have made?

I have made so many mistakes its hard to identify which would have been the biggest. But probably in 2007-2008 when I brought an Investor Finance franchise and spent of fortune on setting the office up, signed a long lease, hired 10 mortgage brokers and spent a fortune on advertising just as the GFC set in and the head office went into liquidation. That, coupled with several other major mistakes at the time resulted in the liquidation of my own companies and my personal bankruptcy which resulted in me losing a very large investment portfolio.

What’s your question to “Conrad Turnbull” from FLAG Property who is the next rockstar in the Moving Spotlight?

Where do you recommend clients invest at the moment?

If you would like to get in contact with Catherine here’s how:

P  (02) 6162 4546

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