Moving Spotlight – Jason Robinson

Welcome to our monthly rockstar Q&A style blog “Moving Spotlight”.  Each month the spotlight moves to another rockstar industry professional.   In the spotlight this month is, drum roll please………  

Name: Jason Robinson

Business: RBK Advisory

Position: CPA Director

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Tell Us About Your Business 
1. What do you feel sets your business apart from your competitors?

Personality goes a long way in any industry, especially one that has such a dry and boring reputation. Number one for me though would be the fact that I truly love what I do. By sticking to our core values I can honestly say RBK Advisory is a place that we all want to come to work, and a place that our clients love being a part of.

These values are:

Relationships: with our team and our clients. Open and honest communication is key, with a true understanding of what drives each person and business. Knowing WHY and beginning with the end goal in mind is present in everything we do.

Innovation and creativity: empowering the team to think about how we do what we do and to always challenge the status quo. Thinking outside the square has brought us a long way.

Growth: personally and professionally. For example, each of our team members has shared three personal and professional goals with the rest of us. It’s up to the entire team to ensure that these goals are all met. Anything we can do to motivate our team and keep them happy is worth doing. We have a weekly huddle, which is often the most rewarding part of my job. The team shares the four following things:

  1.   A rating from 1-10 about how they are feeling personally, and why;
  2.   A rating from 1-10 about how they are feeling professionally, and why.
  3.   An opportunity or a threat for RBK.
  4.   What made you smile this week?

Being fearless & disruptive: the business as it is today is less than one year old, we have a growing team and service clients from four different locations around Melbourne. We’re pushing boundaries and loving it! Cloud technology has been a big part of this strategy. We’re paperless and can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. In the past few months have you had to change something in your business model? Did it have a positive or negative impact?

Several months ago, we made the decision to partner up with an existing Financial Planning & Mortgage Broking business to be able to offer our clients additional services through RBK Wealth & Finance. We know we are great accountants and business advisors but we haven’t spent years mastering financial planning and mortgage broking. Partnering with a business that has this area nailed allowed us to expand our offering to clients in a valuable way, knowing they’re being introduced to people they can trust! We want to provide an experience for our clients, and being the one phone number they need to call for any financial decision goes a long way to making that happen.

Tell Us About You
1. How do you stay inspired?

I once read “Inspiration comes from the vision to dream and the realisation to create”. This has stuck with me. I had a burning desire to be a business owner and to pursue this passion of working with other business owners. Turning it into a reality requires determination and a positive attitude, but seeing it all come to fruition is all the motivation I need to stay inspired. Having a really clear vision and well thought out goals is so important.

 2.  What do you feel is the most important thing you have learned in business to date?

Don’t try and do it all yourself. Becoming overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed & anxious will limit how far you can go when you try and take too much on by yourself. The most important thing I have learned is to let go, trust in the process and believe in the team around me. You won’t be able to scale and grow a business if you are responsible for every little detail. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it is a hand with getting through some tasks on a deadline, or quizzing someone with some “been there done that” experience. Get yourself a mentor (or a great business advisor)!

Tell Us about Capital Claims
1. Why do you recommend Capital Claims Tax Depreciation to your clients?

Pretty simple really – people do business with people and the relationship we were able to form with the Capital Claims team meant we wanted to do business with them. You need to look beyond the flashy website and ensure at the end of the day you’re dealing with good people. We sat down with some key members of Capital Claims to ensure they passed the “can we drink a beer with them” test. It was a great success and we haven’t looked back. Knowing that they care for clients with the same level we do makes us feel very comfortable.

2. Who did you refer to prior to Capital Claims Tax Depreciation and why did you make the change?

We were referring to the largest Tax Depreciation schedule business in Australia. We didn’t have a strong relationship with them and there was nothing keeping us from making the change. We were doing business with a business and had no personal connection.

Paul Siderovski from Sidcor question to you:
1. What is your ritual you do every day?

I am a creature of habit and enjoy starting my day with a 5:45am alarm to hit the gym or run the tan in Melbourne, followed by a healthy breakfast and a strong latte with almond milk! This sets me up for the day and gives me the energy boost I need. When you are healthy and feel good you get more out of yourself physically and mentally!

What’s your question to “Catherine Smith” from Wholistic Financial Solutions who is the next rockstar in the Moving Spotlight?

What is the biggest investment mistake you have made?

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P  (03) 9010 6000

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