Get to the contest podcast depreciation and rental property

Depreciation Podcast – Get to the Contest with Warwick Jackson

A big thank you to Warwick Jackson, host of the Get to the Contest Podcast, for inviting Mark as a guest to discuss all matters relating to depreciation for investment properties.

Covering everything from the basics right up to the changes since the legislation changes in 2017, the podcast answers these key questions and more:

  • What is a depreciation schedule?
  • What is considered Division 43 Capital Works and Division 40 Plant and Equipment?
  • How much depreciation is typically claimable for a brand new investment property?
  • Is a depreciation schedule still worthwhile for a second hand property?
  • What should you do in terms of depreciation when renovating an investment property?
  • What was the legislative change in 2017 and what did it mean for investors?
  • Can you back-claim for depreciation if you haven’t been claiming already?
  • How is claiming for commercial property different?

Hang in for the back end of the podcast where Mark talks specifically about how he built his business to be able to travel for 12 months around Australia with his family last year, whilst operating his business virtually hands off.  Mark offers some great tips for business owners working on a similar goal.

If you enjoy the podcast and would like to be able to feature an information piece about depreciation in your own marketing or education events please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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