Spring Quarterly Enews 2019-1

Celebrating 11 Years in Business!

Over 11 years of awesome results for property investors

We are so happy to be able to share that Capital Claims Tax Depreciation is now 11 years old!

We feel very proud to have been achieving maximum results for both residential and commercial property investors over the last 11 years.

We want to say a big thank you to the many accountants and property professionals that place their clients and their client’s properties in the hands of our expert team every day.  Another big thank you to the investors that select us directly themselves ahead of our better known competitors – you rock!

We are continually boosted by the positive feedback we receive from our clients, their advisers and the referrals that are made to us every day.  Our Facebook, Google and Product Review testimonials, as well as the feedback we receive on our Net Promoter Scores could not be better.

Sincere gratitude to our fantastic, loyal team, especially our long term employees Alex Konjarski, Kylie Hearne, Kylie Waddingham, Nadine Hodgson and Peter Dragarski.  It is the experience, skills and genuine friendliness of this team that makes our service so special, and our results for clients so fantastic.

If you’re not familiar with our business and are interested to know more about us and our story, visit our About Us page here.

We look forward to making the next 11 years even better!

Our first 11 years has not been without challenges, the most serious being two elections that threatened to substantially change the property depreciation industry in general.

But here we remain, still a vital part of successful property investing, and helping more every day Australians to purchase property as a long term investment.

Are you on board with us?

Accountants and property professionals, if you are not currently working with Capital Claims Tax Depreciation for your clients depreciation needs, why not get in touch and find out if there is a benefit to you for switching.

Our current partners rave about our service – it is convenient, friendly and generates fantastic feedback from their clients.  Our small, expert team produces results that are second to none.  Together, that should make us more expensive right?  But we have invested more in our team and our systems than our marketing and that has set us up to deliver excellent results quicker and at less cost to the investor.  We’re able to keep our reports for standard residential properties under $700.00.  That means high quality reporting, without the high price tag!

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out our reviews on Facebook, Google, Product Review, or on the testimonials page of our website.

If you’re not feeling the love from your current depreciation provider, we look forward to speaking with you.

Why not connect with our senior team on LinkedIn today!

Mark Wilkins, Leah Wilkins, Alex Konjarski, Kylie Hearne, Kylie Waddingham, Peter Dragarski.

Or contact us for a chat on 1300 922 220


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