Case Study Office

A Case Study of savings from our expertly prepared Depreciation Schedule.

The facts, and figures

Lu’s purchased a 70sq office in a large commercial precinct in 2021 for $260,000.

An additional office fit-out was completed for $60,000.

The fit-out includes items such as A/C, paint, doors, kitchen, partitioning.

Owning even a small apportionment of common areas helped with deductions.

The outcome

Lu engaged Capital Claims Tax Depreciation to prepare a tax depreciation schedule. In the first year Lu claimed $13,300.  Over the first full five financial years Lu claimed $51,600 in tax depreciation deductions.  Total tax depreciation claimed for life of report $259,000.

Project Data

Client name:



70sq office

Purchase Price:


Year Purchased:


First Year Claim:


Claimed over 5yrs:


Claimed in total:


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