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Autumn Quarterly eNewsletter


Well, it seems 2017 is absolutely flying by.  We’re a little late with this update, but between conferences like the Accounting and Business Expo, and The PAC we have been flat out catching up with our existing partners and referrers and making new friends!  This issue we’ve included some tips to help investors improve cash flow quickly, a look at how rental properties affected by natural disasters are treated with respect to depreciation and a reminder that we can update schedules with asset replacements  free of charge!  Don’t miss our complimentary Rental Property Tax Deductions Checklist at the bottom and feel free to use and share with your family, friends, colleagues and clients.

We hope your preparation for end of financial year is going well, and we look forward to assisting you further.


Mark, Leah, Sean and the team at Capital Claims Tax Depreciation

5 Nifty Strategies for improving rental property cash flow

Feeling tight for cash flow?  Here are some relatively quick and easy methods for putting more cash back in your pocket.  Read about these nifty strategies here…

How do natural disasters affect depreciation?

Autumn Quarterly eNewsletter » Autumn Quarterly eNewsletter

Find out how to account for depreciation on properties affected by natural disasters and how to make the most of the deductions to help fund recovery works.  Read here…

New Assets?  Update your schedule free!

Have your client’s added new assets to their investment property?  We can update their depreciation schedule free of charge to ensure their schedule remains up to date at all times.  More here…

Rental Property Tax Deductions

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