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6 things that people who have legacy wealth do

I was reading a fascinating article by inequality.org which highlights the phenomenal gap growing between the rich and the poor. It’s data that’s a few years old but still tells a story.

In particular, what was interesting was the analysis of how the percentage of people who are able to create ‘legacy’ wealth was less than 5% globally.

Many people might be consider property investing initially as a way to bridge the gap between what their other investments will create as wealth and what they believe they will need in retirement.

The truth is, you don’t need a huge number of properties to achieve this.

But what if you want to create more of a legacy?

What if you want to help people you care for…your children and other loved ones?
What if your driver for wealth is more to do with supporting a noble cause or helping those less fortunate than yourself?

Well, then you have to hustle a little smarter than the average Joe.

How could you do this?

Well for starters, following the herd is NOT the way to achieve greater than average wealth.

Here are just 6 things that people who have legacy wealth do:

1. They grow their network to include people who can connect them to stellar opportunities.
2. Spend time with people who are like minded.
3. Educate themselves on how to assess investment opportunities like a pro.
4. Avoid distraction from opportunities that don’t give them the desired outcome’.
5. Focus on steady wealth creation rather than ‘get rich quick’ schemes.
6. Have stellar money management.

If you want above average results, then don’t do what the average person does. Tread your own path.

Here’s to your freedom.

Salena Kulkarni 

Founder of the Freedom Warrior Mastermind and Chartered Accountant and Certified Property Investment Adviser

For more information check her out at www.freedomwarrior.com.au


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