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Are you looking for a tax depreciation estimate on your rental? Perhaps you are looking to gain clarity on your commercial property investment? With a few brief details we will be able to conduct a free, desktop assessment of your investment property.

Using online tools and property data information, the estimates provided by our experts are reliable for assessing the value of a depreciation schedule for your investment property.

Why don't online tax depreciation calculators work anymore?

We used to have an online depreciation calculator and it worked really well…until the legislation changed in 2017!

Variables for estimating depreciation have changed greatly, especially as so many properties are now renovated, and deductions for assets vary dependent on whether they are second hand or brand new.

An online tax depreciation calculator won’t consider any renovations or new assets you have added to an established property purchased after May 2017 – and these could create thousands of dollars in additional deductions!  

Investors today need a personalised estimate of depreciation deductions based on some simple research and calculations. Our team of tax depreciation experts can calculate your depreciation rates and present them to you in a detailed report.  

Get an estimate today from Capital Claims Tax Depreciation using the form above or call 1300 922 220 to discuss your property, including providing a tax depreciation schedule, with our team.

What are depreciating assets, according to ATO guidelines?

The ATO is careful to outline that a depreciating asset is one that has a limited effective life and can be reasonably expected to decline in value over the course of that time. Equipment, tools, vehicles and furniture may all be regarded as a depreciating asset under the right conditions.

Notably though, land and items of trading stock are excluded from the definition of depreciating assets. Similarly, most intangible assets are excluded from the definition. But fixtures and buildings are treated as distinct from the land they’re built on, and commonly qualify as depreciating assets and capital works that can be factored into a tax depreciation schedule.

There are a couple of ways we can talk about depreciation, but they can be broken down into prime cost methods and diminishing value methods. The simplest and most common is straight line depreciation, a prime cost method where the opening value of the asset (typically purchase price) is reduced down to zero over the effective life of the asset in equal amounts each financial year. . An asset with an opening value of $12,000 with an effective life of 12 years will be depreciated at $1,000 per year, every year until the undeducted value reaches zero.

What are the methods of depreciation?

Diminishing value methods are a little more sophisticated, and are utilised to front end load the deduction upon that asset. The declining balance method will have a more aggressive method of claiming depreciation and will reduce the undeducted value of the asset earlier in the effective life and taper those claims off later in the life of the asset. This is done by reducing making deductions against the written down value of the asset from the previous financial year, instead of the opening value, as it is done in the prime cost method.

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